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Fremont, Ohio has long been know as a major center of cutlery manufacturing. Since the late 1800's, when abundant supplies of natural gas were discovered in the area, Fremont has produced edged products from razor blades to scissors. At times there were as many as 20 cutlery companies in the area, and Fremont was known as the Cutlery Capitol of the World.

In the early 1970's, B.A.P. Manufacturing was established as a Blade Expert able to produce edged brass tools for working with green ceramics, since no other blade company was interested in providing this service. (Ceramic clays do not adhere to brass.)

In the late 1980's, it became apparent there was a need for cutting edges that were not straight (like razor blades and utility knives) or that, because of size, geometry or type of material, did not lend themselves to standard production methods. These blades are usually referred to as "specialty blades", B.A.P. Manufacturing expanded it's blade expertise to service this market.

Since that time, B.A.P. has produced blades for the medical, industrial, food processing, hobby-related, and a myriad of other industries and has been long recognized as a Blade and Edge Expert.

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